1->Hi, I'm SHI Boyuan 1.5
->Sorry I don't have much time here.1
->I have a lot of things to do.1
->...I mean, to code.1
->As you can see, I'm a full-stack programmer1coder.1
->I love programming and networking as well,1
->I am familiar with the most of programming languages.1
->I am proficient in web development,1
->maybe a little Android development.1
->And of course, I use Linux in my dailylife, 1
->cuz I got several VPSs that require operation and
->So I'll let you discover my Website.1
->Oh, and if you want to contact me ↖,1
->you're always welcomed.

My first job is a

Delivery man

I graduated from high school in 2014, I delivered things during the vacation. I've been thinking about an app that lets customers know where I am, so it can remind them when I am about to arrive, and I don't have to wait too long. I have never had the chance to implement this project (for now, others have already achieved it, and they made a lot of money, so sad)

And my second job is a

Network technician

That's not really a job but a intership(Three months). I did so much things like: Configure and deploy network devices, build a part of a data center, install the necessary servers etc. I really learned a lot about network knowledge and teamwork during this intership. If you want read my internship report(French edition) ↓


My part time job

A Waiter !

I don't always sit in front of the computer and code. When I want to buy a good computer (in order to make some videos), or a good mobile phone (who has a better battery), I will do a part time job in the restaurant, mostly Asian restaurants. I love to communicate with people (which is not normal for a programmer), and the most important thing is that I can have a free lunch. Oh, I also helped my boss make a beautiful menu, if you're interested ↓



In IUT de Roanne

    I spent 3 years in this school, I studied French and the basic knowledges of network, computer and software. Eighty percent of the class is practical class. This is why I chose IUT. After participating in many practical classes, I realized that theoretical knowledge is really a drop in the field of network and programming. Only practice can really test ability.
    So in my spare time, I did a lot of stuffs: I have developed a number of websites, including this one, wrote a few interesting little games, rented a few servers to build my own website, database and store some important information, and also set up a vpn to help my friends in China, I'll all show you in the ACHIEVEMENTS section.

Site of my IUT


In Télécom Saint-Etienne

After IUT graduated, I was admitted to several engineering schools. At the time, I felt that the engineering school is awesome. I could learn a lot of new technologies, and after graduation, I could have a good job, so I chose a school with a name Télécom(Because I'm learning Network and Telecom in my IUT). However, after several months of study, I found that the theoretical class of this school accounted for 90%, and the 10% practical lessons did not help at all. The most important thing is that only 10% of the classes are related to programming, the remaining courses are like electromagnetic fields, probability theory, economic law, I have never studied. Now, I gived up and decided to rediscover the study route which is right for me.

Site of Télécom Saint-Etienne

Here's my future plan

Ecole 42

I am very excited that my registration has passed. Of course, if I want to be admitted to this school, I have to go through a series of tests, but I have sufficient confidence. Why is ecole 42? because the slogan of this school is "born to code", they have only programming course in this school, which I have been waiting for a long time! If you don't know about this school, I prepared a lot of information, you can click on these links below to check it out.↓

Official website of ecole 42 Wikipedia: ecole 42 Quartz news: ecole 42

An online learning platform


You know that for a programmer, the best friend is the Internet. On the Internet, we can find all the knowledge we want to know. We don't even have to go to college. For example, the website udemy.com, I have studied more than 1000 hours in this platform, there is everything I want to know about network, coding, servers, computers, etc. And of course there are other sites like treehouse, codecademy... I've all tried.

Site Udemy
  • Web Design

    This website is designed by myself, it has only one HTML file. There are still many new ideas I want to add. This site is currently version 4. I used html, css, js, jQuery, php, and extra fonts. This site is responsive, that means you can browse it on any device on any browser. I also built a blog site and a forum site that you can preview in next section. I used WordPress to creat my blog and an E-commerce website(Already abandoned, because nobody buys my merchandises). I also write down what I always forget in my blog, so I don't have to go to Google every time when I need it.

  • Android development

    This is the direction I started researching some time ago. For this reason, I have studied a lot of JAVA courses. After I studied for a few months, I developed an interesting little game and a small application. You can download and try in the achievement section. (If you have an Android phone), of course these applications are not perfect, I will continue to update.

  • My friend Linux

    When I started to touch the Linux operating system a few years ago, I just thought that it was fun to play the command, but I didn't know what it could do (mainly no way to play video games). When I actually used it, I found it is the best operating system. First of all it's free, and I use it to host my Website and my Webapp, I also run it for Backup and Torrenting. I also saved my old laptop, cuz Windows is far from the ideal OS. Thanks to Linux, I knew more about how computers work for it.
    How to evaluate linux, as Neal Stephenson said: "Mac OS is a luxury European car, Windows is a station wagon, and Linux is a free tank."

  • Softwares, Languages and Commands

    I can skillfully use all the software in the above picture which are: Microsoft Office, Android Studio, Matlab, Visual Studio, Premiere cc, Photoshop cc, Audition cc...I also tried some Videogame engine such as Unity and Unreal Engine which are really interesting for me. For the programming languages, I can do C language, Php, Java, Html, CSS, JavaScript, Python. And for comands, I know well about Mysql, Linux, Windows shell, Switch Huawei / Cisco, Router Huawei / Cisco, etc.

  • A little network engineer

    I can do some network tasks thanks to my education in IUT and my intership: I can establish the networking environment , implement new solutions and improve resilience of the current environment. Maximise network performance by monitoring performance, troubleshooting network problems and outages, secure network systems by establishing and enforcing policies, and defining and monitoring access support and administer firewall environments.